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Southern Comfort Carriage Service use basically Belgian and Percheron draft horses for our carriages downtown. Our horses are the best-trained, best groomed and the best cared for horses in Nashville.

PBS ran a special and stated that the draft horse can pull 3 times its own weight on skids. Our horses pull carriages on wheels that one man can pull. Their average weight is 1500 lbs.

We use regular shoes with drill tec to prevent them from slipping on the asphalt. They are shod every six weeks by a professional farrier. They are frequently visited by a veterinarian.

The horses are stabled on a farm just outside of Nashville. They have 125 acres to play on. They are only 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, ensuring a very short ride to and from town in a horse trailer.


Southern Comfort Carriage Service operates the largest fleet of carriages in Nashville. Our carriages are all replicas of the 19th century vis-a-vis. We inspect each carriage daily. Every six months we pull them off the street for service and refurbishing. Each carriage has working front lights and tail lights. They are equipped with hydraulic brakes. The canopy on each carriage are retractable in case of inclement weather. We outfit all horse and carriages with diapers.

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